Our new website is a work in progress.  We are also working on a new booking system.  The next intake of swimmers will be for the Summer term, 2018 and once our existing swimmers have confirmed their intentions we will be offering places.  Please add your details to our waiting list and we will get back to you to offer places in due course.  As we are expanding we hope to accommodate all those on our waiting list!  Exciting times!


How to get booked up...

In order to join our little swim school you will need to add your details to our waiting list!  This is only for new joiners not our current term swimmers 🙂  You will hear from Natasha nearer the end of the current swim term once all existing swimmers have confirmed their swim places.


Dates for THIS Swimming Term

Autunm Term 2017

Sat 16th Sept  -  Weds 6th Dec (Incl.)

**  Half-Term - Sun 22 Oct – Sun 29 Oct - No Swimming**

Saturday Badges for sale on 2nd December

After School Presentations on 4th, 5th, 6th December

Staff Training to be held on 23rd Oct - 1st November

Swim School Term Dates

Spring 2018 Term

6th January -  28th March (incl.)

No Swimming - HALF TERM - 17th February to 23rd February (incl)

Saturday Badges for sale on 24th March

After School Presentations on 26th, 27th, 28th March

Staff Training on 15-19th February

Summer Term 2018

14th April to 7 July (incl.)

*** SWIM GALA Planned for 9th July ***

No Swimming on 5 th- 12th May

No Swimming - Half-Term - 28th May to 1 June (incl.)

Saturday Badges for sale on 7th July

After School Presentations on 2nd, 3rd, 4th July

Staff Training - May

Autumn Term

September to December

Spring Term

January to March/April

Summer Term

March/April to July

Holiday Courses

Easter, Christmas & Summer Holidays