“My son is 15 months and has only been to classes for a few weeks but he absolutely loves it. Tasha makes the classes lots of fun and we look forward to going every week.”


“Thank you for making ‘J**** ‘and ‘O****’ confident and safe in the water.  In under a year, J has gone from not even putting a foot in the pool, as he was too scared, to swimming a full length.  You are (Tasha) excellent at teaching kids in the water.”


“I can’t believe just before the Eater holidays last year ‘I****’ was an enthusiastic non-swimmer who wouldn’t take her feet off the bottom for more than two splashes.  Your teaching for 5 individual sessions and then Sarnia Sea Lions Swim School for 4 terms has meant a confident girl who can do a bit of butterfly and can jump into the pool.  Impressive when she had vertigo on the pool edge.  In a way I would have liked ‘I****’ tp carry on to see how much more she could do – but she is content with her 50m badge and wants to stop now.  (‘I’ actually got her 100m)”


“I joined the adult swimming at the end of the summer to improve my swimming technique for triathlon! I absolutely love Monday night swimming and have definitely improved! Hillary is a great teacher and gives us lots of good advise. Would recommend to any one that is wanting to improve at swimming.”


“I was lucky enough to attend the very first adult swimming lesson with Natasha, Hilary, & the Sarnia Sea Lion Swim School, I have had a real fear a water all my life, so the first lesson was quite terrifying, but Natasha had so much patience, and lesson by lesson my confidence grew, I’ve still got my certificate for my first 25 metre swim! I’ve now completed the Castle swim! & my goal this year, is to swim to Herm, I love swimming!!!! & I could never have achieved this without your help and the support of the Sarnia Sea Lions. You really did help change my life!!”


“”Thank you for everything you guys do! I can’t praise you enough! You have made B**** love the water and she is so much more confident!


“Just to say thank you for a fantastic swimming gala!  You all do a wonderful job and I am so proud of how B**** is coming on! Have a lovely summer and see you next term.”


“My initial thoughts on AquaFit before attending a class……were that it might be ‘boring’…….but it was actually sooo much fun and a much harder work out than expected! (Although you can go at your own pace if you need to make things easier!) Can’t wait for next term for some more AquaFit sessions!”