Easter Holidays!

What a fantastic swim term we have just had, finishing with our exciting presentation of swimming awards for all our after school children, plus swimming in our PJs; and the busy badge sales for our Saturday parents!  For a busy term full of illness and snow interruption everyone did very well!  We are about to go into our best term yet – the summer term 2018 – where we hold our swimming gala for all those attending swimming lessons on their own in the pool!  Due to our increase in numbers we will most likey be having two separate galas – one for the very young and one for the older children!  To be held on the same day (which is planned for the 9th July, 2018)  Sign up will be via our swim school notice board only, so if names are not on the list they will not be entered to swim!!  The teachers will decide what the appropriate events are for the swimmers – usually (2 races each) with a woggle, with a float and/or on their own….older swimmers front crawl and back stroke, etc including relays.

Hope you have all had a great Easter, and not too much chocolate!  See you in the pool soon!  Emails etc to confirm times and places and to invite our newbies will be sent out very shortly – don’t forget to check your spam folders!  Tasha and the swim team!


By the way a new aquafit class is planned for Wednesdays at 6pm at Forest School pool – watch this space!