Tasha, who is an avid sea swimmer in Guernsey during the warmer months of the year, really enjoys experiencing the underwater sea world that is pretty spectacular in Guernsey! If you have a snorkel and mask; throw on a pair of fins and if you know what you are doing…….the world is your oyster!!!

Snorkelling is a wonderful skill to be able to do so Tasha will be holding some pool snorkelling courses for youngsters throughout the year! The first one starting once we have enough swimmers to fill a course!

There’s definitely a skill to snorkelling – remembering not to breathe through your nose being one of them!!


Sarnia Sea Lions new snorkelling club, will be running snorkelling courses, as accredited by the Swimming Teachers Association. They will commence this Summer and will be held at Forest School Pool! The first course to run will allow a participant to successfully achieve their Pool Snorkelling Level 1 Award (beginners).

There are three levels, from beginner to expert, and each course will last between three and five days long, with 40 minute long classes, teaching skills like underwater communication, safety while submerged and working with buddies – all useful for later scuba diving later on and especially useful for summer fun in the sea!

The classes are for children aged eight years and over, with a maximum of 10 children per session, with a certificate, badge and snorkel kit at the end.

Prerequisites for Level 1: must be able to swim unaided for 25M; 

Level 2: swim unaided for 50M, enter deep water by jumping, swim without goggles, & treadwater for 30 seconds; and

Level 3: swim unaided for 100m, treadwater for 60 seconds.


To register your interest please email:

[email protected]