Aqua Fit & Circuit Training

Pumping music, sociable surroundings and an alternative way to work all the muscles in the body, is making AquaCise an appealing option for the growing numbers of young athletic people who are participating in the classes. Our classes are suitable for all ages and abilities, including people recovering from injuries, operations or expecting a baby.

Why are you here……..well keep reading………….we might be able to answer that for you………….you may want to get fitter or just change your fitness regime (as it has got rather dull!) or you have niggling injuries that get worse when you complete your usual work outs or you just want to lose a bit of excess weight – well AquaFit classes from Sarnia Sea Lions could be just what you are looking for………….

Swimming length after length in order to get fit can soon become tedious. Sarnia Sea Lions AquaFit, water aerobics with accessories such as the ‘Aqua Smilies’ offers an alternative way to shape up in the water, and participating in classes is both fun and sociable.

The classes take place in both the shallow depths and deeper ends of the swimming pool and exercising in water is far less damaging to the joints than traditional aerobics. The resistance of the water will still ensure that your body receives a proper work-out. In the absence of gravity, each movement works two muscle groups, giving aqua aerobics the upper hand when it comes to toning.

Land based Aerobics can be difficult for those who lack co-ordination. This problem is eliminated with aqua aerobics and the supportive environment of the water means that those with poor co-ordination and balance can join in.

In addition to being easier on the joints, exercising in water will offer many of the health advantages that land based exercise offers. It can help to increase cardio vascular fitness, improves flexibility and strengthens muscles. Aqua aerobics is also incredibly safe and suitable for those with mobility problems, the elderly and pregnant women; even non-swimmers are able to participate.

The Facts

So Why Exercise in Water?

Water resistanceaquafitness_ringe

Because the water is a thicker medium than air, by moving in the water the amount of resistance from the water can range from 4 to 44 times that of air. Using the resistance of the water in exercise is like exercising with weights or machines on land, but safer.


In chest depth water approximately 90% of your body weight is buoyant, therefore you really are bearing only 10% of your weight when you exercise. Exercise in the water is much safer on your joints and muscles, virtually stress free as a result. The only true 100% stress free – non-impact routine is in deep water aquatic sessions where your feet are not on the ground.

Water TemperatureDeepWA

The water temperature is the same all year long. You do not need to contend with the variability of the elements, heat, cold, rain, snow etc unless you are exercising in an outdoor pool environment then safety aspects will need to be considered.

Cooling Effect

Because your constant movement in water generates up to 85% of your body heat during this exercise, water that is cooler than your core body temperature is continually moving around you, washing away sweat and cooling you while you are exercising. You never feel over-heated and sweaty.

Hydrostatic pressureaqua

The demand on the heart is up up to 17bpm or 13% less than that of someone exercising on land. This allows you to work longer in your training zone and use more fat as a fuel source. The Hydrostatic pressure also creates a massaging effect which helps sooth and comfort joints, muscles and internal organs.


aqua noodles dumbbells belt  for aqua aerobics lie on the coast in pool


We will be using various different exercise equipment which will be provided.  You may want to purchase your own webbed mitts for use in our sessions.

Webbed Mitts: enhance upper bodywork and assists in travelling moves

Woggles: core-stabilisation, upper and lower body toning, abdominal work and stability

Hand-Buoys: upper body workout dumbbells

Balls: core-stability and upper body workout

Flotation Belts: provide natural buoyancy and helps concentration of proper body alignment

Slim Fit – Weight & Body Measurement Tracking

New for 2017!

Join our Aquafit classes and watch your weight melt away!

All too often we know what to do to lose weight, we just need ‘Big Brother’ watching to stop us going off track!  For no additional costs we will facilitate this weight tracking with you at our Aquafit classes – the aim to make a healthier fitter you!

Friendly advice and encouragement for getting fitter and losing weight.

Once a week work out in the pool with optional weigh in classes at the beginning, middle and end of the Course. (Please arrive 10 minutes prior to class start time)

Records maintained by Sarnia Sea Lions (not shared with the rest of the group).

Sarnia Sea Lions is now offering, Aquafit and Aqua Circuits with Tasha – a new service aimed at anyone interested in keeping fit, getting fitter and losing weight – with fun and active work outs in the water, it does not have to be about plodding up and down the swimming pool…….try this out – it is fun with friends whilst completing a hard work out – using the natural resistance of the water to make it the complete body workout with little of no impact on any niggling injuries or aching joints! Perfect for all ages and abilities, you do not need to be a swimmer to take part, or in the most best of fitness – we will improve that if you join up with us all!