Are you interested in volunteering with Sarnia Sea Lions Swim School?

Sarnia Sea Lions Swim School, LBG is set up as a not for profit charitable organisation and aims to promote the teaching and practice of swimming by offering the opportunity for all ages and abilities to learn to swim; to learn to swim better; and to improve general swimming fitness and water safety awareness.

The Swim School has established a working relationship with the Swimming Teachers’ Association (“STA”) who is a registered charity and an internationally recognised organisation.

Sarnia Sea Lions aims to maintain and foster and develop the objective of the STA, which is

“The preservation of human life by the teaching of swimming, lifesaving and survival techniques.”

Sarnia Sea Lions improves the opportunities available to islanders in the Bailiwick by offering a number of swimming sessions and initiatives. We currently have over 150 swimmers of all ages and abilities partaking in swimming activities with the Sea Lions!

Sarnia Sea Lions also has to undertake a range of administration jobs which require support and would welcome any individuals who can spare their time to support us with data inputting, report creating and letter writing.  Currently, Tasha is in charge of marketing at the Swim School (amongst many other things) and is keen to seek out new ideas and designs for marketing literature, and welcomes support with graphic design, article writing, press releases, video promotion and photography.

Sarnia Sea Lions requires continued volunteer support in a variety of different ways from swimming assistants, teachers and coaches to badge personnel (we like to say table ladies!). All of these roles remain key to the success of our swim school, and are required to ensure we continue to function as professional as possible, as well as to be able to grow and evolve the business.

Please contact us (see tab) if you are interested in volunteering, and view the Volunteer Assistant job desciption(s) on this website.

Whether you are looking to develop your CV, or looking to give something back to the community, or whether you just want to meet some new people and try something different, volunteering at Sarnia Sea Lions Swim School could be for you. Providing your time, for a worthwhile cause, will help those many Sarnia Sea Lion swimmers, the majority of which are aged from around 5 months to 14 years of age to develop as young individuals and learn the necessary life skills (for water survival) that are so important to have when living on an island surrounded by water!  Also, with the introduction of the money saving initiative from the States of Guernsey who have decided, in their wisdom to close most of the school pools for at least two terms per school year; we feel that Sarnia Sea Lions can help the island community by providing the opportunity for continuous swimming lessons on a term by term basis, and thus fill the gap left in a large number of the islands children’s education.

Without the ongoing support from parents; swimming assistants, teachers and coaches; administrators and other individuals on the island, we would not have such a fantastic unique little Swim School that already has a great family feel, community spirit and goes that extra step to offer that extra something special.

For more information about volunteering for Sarnia Sea Lions Swim, please contact us (see tab) or calling on 01481 236753.